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 All the researches we perform are divided into several categories:

Turnkey project.  It is a wide scale research which includes all of the resources and sources to get the whole information.   If necessary all the researches will take place not only at historical, regional and city archives, but also at any archives (Registration Offices, Ministry of Interior, housing office etc.) and museums. Research is started from rigorous peer review of the initial data and it is finished by phased conclusion of all of the results into a single report with the construction and decoration (optional) of your Family Tree. Such kind of the research often gives opportunity to find your relatives

till the 10th or 12th generation and as a result to construct your lineage till the beginning of the 19th century.  The duration and the price depend on the overall quantities of the lineage lines we need to research and on the area of the research.

Classical researches. It is work at several archives with the aim to find the history of the family considering the immigration processes. We will use basic sources to get the genealogical information.  Materials list we will research will be negotiated with the Customer.

Point researches. Work will take place at one of the chosen regional archives or at Registry Office to find the information and prepare documents to the repatriation or to proof the nationality of your parents.

All our researches are based only on archival documents. All the data we put in the Family Tree can be proved by the copies of the documents or by the records with the archival certification.

[box type=”info”] Important: Before ordering, please, read all the Blog posts at our website. With the help of the articles you will be able to make your order more clear and you also will have better understanding on how deep you want to go into research. If you told us the wrong place (city, settlement, etc.) your relatives come from and we have already started the research and later you understand that you have mixed up the information – you need to pay for the research again. That is why, please, be more careful with the information you have. Moreover, you need to clearly understand that probably the majority of the Ukrainian archives were seriously damaged during the Second World War and at the beginning of the 1990’s. Also, during the change in the archival policy of Ukraine, lots of documents were transferred from one archive to another ones for several times and that is why sometimes it is not so easy to find the direct document quickly. Part of our services is to check the possibility to track your family records and provide you with the complicated level of your request. Also, you need to fully understand and agree that sometimes we can do difficult job and after a while you can hear nothing (in case that it is hard to find the direct documents: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate etc.). If your request has such a problem we usually try to find any indirect documents (police reports, military document, study records etc.) to provide you with indirect information about your relatives.  We do not start our work till we are not sure that we have any information regarding your settlements and always warn you about all the documents available[/box]




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