• The analyzing and sorting of customer’s documents – 50€ per hour
  • The interviewing of customer’s family – 50€ per hour
  • Making of the Family Tree based on the information the customer ALREADY HAS – from 300€ to 1200€
  • The archive research, i.e. the search of the infomation the customer DOES NOT HAVE. The price of ONE FAMILY NAME – from 550€ to 2500€
  • The search of the customer’s living relatives – 50€ per hour
  • Making of Israel repatriation documets set – from 250€ to 1200€
  • Recovering of the lost metrical documents, based of the EXACT information, i.e. the exact date of birth, exact number of archive case etc. – from 250€

Family Tree Building

Family Tree Building

In the near future your FAMILY HISTORY could be filled by the new and unexpected facts!

All you need is to contact us and we’ll start to research your family history

Consulting services

  • Consultations concerning the independent construction of your Family Tree – 50€/hour
  • Viewing documents available to the client for repatriation to Israel or Germany; Recommendations regarding the interview at the embassy on the basis of these documents – 50€
  • Independent search for the missing documents by the client:
    The indication of the direction of the search, the location of the necessary documents, consulting assistance in working with archives (recommendations for compiling requests to the archive, etc.)
     – 50-150€ Depending on the frequency of calls