Build your own Family Tree NOW!

The study of family history is best to begin with construction of a Family tree. This may also include the study of names, places of residence, family occupations, compiling photographic archive – in fact, it is quite possible, you want to make your Family book to share your discoveries with Family! And we will help you find the information in the archives, and to streamline the existing information to understand the huge stream of genealogical information.

First of all, you must have the desire, time and patience. To begin, start with the most simple – talk to family, sort out the family photos – Do you know all the people on the photos? What year are these photos? The oldest ones are desirable to scan, and even better –to  make a quality picture. The same applies to letters, documents and so forth.

Once you have processed all available information, the more complex stage starts: the choice of program for the construction of the Family tree , as well as search for additional sources of data – the archives , repositories and databases.

Each stage has its own challenges. It is important that these difficulties in any case does not affect your willingness to continue the study. Therefore, all efforts we can assume that you are not distracted from the daily routine, regularly saw the result of our work and the growth of your family tree!

First Steps:

  • Meet with the most senior members of your Family

  • Make your genealogical search geography

  • Sort the family photos

  • Collect old documents, certificates, letters, related to your relatives

  • Consult with a specialist – which program to choose for decoration tree 

  • Together with a specialist on Jewish Genealogy make a further plan of action to find additional data

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Most agencies which work with archives has a general idea of ??genealogy and archives. But Jewish genealogy has lots of special features, including tradition, state laws and social conventions, not knowing that it is impossible to correctly research the Genealogical request. It is also important personal attitude – it is much nicer to work with specialists who keep the Jewish way of life and understand you!

To begin to search the archive desirable after you have started to build a family tree. You know enough of the facts, and understand exactly what is necessary to search the archives – date of birth, marriage, death, or other event in human life, Jewish names of your ancestors , mother’s maiden name and much more. Also there is a lot of information from educational institutions, government agencies and so on.

Archive Search is not only necessary for an integrated study of the history of a particular family, but also one-time fee – to confirm any fact necessary, for example, to confirm Jewry. We will be happy to provide their services in any situation!

Benefits of Archives’ search:

  1. Determination of the exact dates of life (Gregorian and Hebrew calendar)

  2. Find the address, occupation, class of ancestors

  3. Expand the family tree, finding new relatives

  4. Documented information

  5. Verification of family legends

  6. Possibility to get the photo-copies with your ancestors sign!

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Some witnesses are still alive!

Archives are the most reliable, and, sometimes the only source of genealogical information. But there is a living memory – the inhabitants of the cities, towns and villages of the former Russian Empire, where your ancestors lived. They can tell sometimes the unique and unknown facts even to relatives. Very often these people remember the life of the Jews before the War, and do not wait to share their memories.

Alas, the generations are replaced, and each year witnesses becoming less … So we are ready at any time to go to the desired location to find stories, addresses , photos of your family life.

If in the village or in the neighborhood the Jewish cemetery is still preserved, it makes sense to find any burials of the representatives of your Family. First of all, this is a sign of respect to the ancestors. Jewish tombstones (matsevot) often contains useful genealogical data – not only the full name and date of life, but also information about the deceased – his character, his profession, the personal qualities that informative for compiling family history.

Why does it useful?

  • New and unique information

  • The possibility to talk with the witnesses of your Family

  • Additional information for everything was found at the archives

  • Information about life of your ancestors

  • Local museums and Jewish communities search

  • Discovery of the Jewish cemeteries

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Do you want to make a special gift to your relatives or to organize the unusual family vacation?

Travel to places where your ancestors lived is an deal for family holidays. Original and picturesque towns, large cities with centuries of history … Just visit the places close to your lineage you will be able to get the unique experience and to strength the connection between generations. It is difficult to imagine the whole specter of emotions that occurs when you visit the streets, houses and synagogues where the previous generations of your Family were!

If in the village the Jewish cemetery is still in presence,  you can honor the memory of your ancestors, because honoring of the relatives is one of the most important parts of Jewish culture.

You may even be able to talk to people who knew your family!

Before planning a trip, it is desirable to order and explore all the genealogical information about the family, for example, create a family tree, find all the missing information in the archives, go to the necessary locations to decide on organizational matters .

Family Heritage tours require considerable training, knowledge, geographical features and infrastructure, as well as the history of the village, that is why, it is better to entrust all organizational efforts to professional researchers of Jewish Genealogy!

The difference from other Genealogical services:

  1. Better understanding of the past of your ancestors 

  2. The possibility to spend your holidays

  3. The involvement of other family members in genealogy

  4. New and unique possibilities for the study of family history

  5. Cognitive studies, based on personal experience

  6. New photos, stories, facts, family history

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