Dear Friends,

We happily announce a unique, new opportunity to search for archival information about Jewish ancestors from Kiev Gubernia. The search is Free of Charge and must be done in Latin letters only. To maximize your results, carefully read all of the sections of this page before you start.

This is a work-in-progress and we expect to add many thousands of additional names in coming weeks and month. Available now is our database of heads of Jewish families, extracted from the Kiev Oblast Archive (DAKO) Collection 384, The Russian Population Census of 1897. This was the first All-Empire census of the former Imperial Czarist Empire; Collection 384 holds individual census returns for Kiev Gubernia .

For instructions how to search click HERE

We have extracted and transliterated into Latin letters the names of all Jewish heads of households represented in the census. Please note that the database includes only these names. The full family information is not included. Upon your request, we will order a photocopy of the full family information for the listed individual from the archive. Photocopies will be sent no more than three weeks after payment is received. Click HERE for information on how to order and pay for photocopies.

If you believe that an ancestor lived in Kiev Oblast at the time of the census, but cannot find him in our list, it does not necessarily mean that we don’t have information about him. It is possible that his name was listed differently. To know what to do in such a case, click HERE.

And also i want to mention that development of this database was supported by the Avotaynu Foundation under sponsorship from Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Adam R. Brown, as well as from E. Randol Schoenberg, to whom special thanks is due.