We are usually asked about:

Can you find information about my relatives, if I do not know the exact information about it, such as the date and place of birth?

Yes, it is really possible to do. Of course, it cold be much harder, but due to our unique Jewish Genealogy database it is quite possibe. But you need to provide us as much information as you have, anyways

Whether it is possible with your help to make a confirmation of Jewry?

Yes. Our company provides different Jewish Genealogy services including the research for the confirmation of the Jewry. But you need to tell us the reason of this research, because different reasons need different kind of the documentation. Anyways, we provide first FREE consultation to determine the possibility of such research in each specific case.

Do you perform searches by representatives of other religions (orthodox christians, catholics etc)?

No. In general, our company provides the services espessially for the Jewish Genealogical research. But you can feel free to contact us anyways and we can advise you to contact other research companies

What is the average pricing for the archive research?

Fortunately or unfortunately the overall price for the research is absolutely impossible to count before your request. Each request is a very individual case and its price counts separately in each case. But in general, there are the next steps on which the price depends:
– Do you have or don’t you have the detailed information regarding your ancestors
– Are the archive documents available to research and how many of them
– Is the archive located far from Kiev
– Uniquiness of your Family name

And so on

What if you didn't find any information regarding my ancestor?

Unfortunately, this happens in our practice. It is really rare, but happens. Not more in 3% from the overall requests. Usually, it happens for some reasons:
– Your ancestors did not leave the true information about themselves (not true date of birth or place of living)
– Actually, you do not know the right name of your ancestor (unfortunately, it is not so rare thing)
– We did not mention that the archive documents in which the research shoud be done are not available anymore or even were damaged… (unfortunately, the archives sometimes got to be burn)

Usually, just before the start of the reseach, we analyze your request in every detail and provide you the degree of probability of findng of your ancestors. If this probability is actually a zero, we tell it to you at the VERY beginning, just on the level of free initial consultation.

It is important to understand that you pay NOT FOR THE RESULT of the research, but for the PROCESS OF RESEARCH, which, unfortunately, sometimes could be finished with not so satisfied result

Do you work with the prepayment? What is the amount of prepayment?

To get all our services we use FULL pre-payment system.

What is the average timing for the research? Do you have urgent research service?

Actually, it depends on many reasons: availability of the documentation, archive working days and hours, overall analyzing of the research. So, each of the research is unique and we will be able to estimate the average timing of the research as soon as you request us.

In general it takes from 1 week till 3 months.

What if I don't really know my ancestors were Jewish?

In that case, you need to contact us and provide all the information you have regarding your Family history. We will be able to analyze it and tell you if it is possible that your ancestors were Jewsih. And such kind of consultation is totally FREE!

What about the privacy? Will you protect my personal data?

Yes, we protect all the personal data and do not provide it to anybody.

Didn’t find the answer?

Feel free to contact us anytime and describe your specific question. We will be happy to provide you the answer as soon as possibe. Also, please, check our Jewish Genealogy Database and, probably, you will be able to find your answer there

Send question clear

We are glad that you visited our web-site – because it means that you are interested in your family history! The memory of the ancestors it is an important and integral part of Jewish culture. Despite all the troubles stroked our people, many Jewish families continued to keep their bloodlines.

Jewish Genealogy is not an easy science. It can be a hobby, but if you want to succeed in the study of your roots, to learn and keep history takes a lot of efforts. To avoid confusion in the variety of genealogical information, feel free to contact jewua.info! We will be very happy to assist you in this noble cause and help at any stage of the study!

Among the Jews there are lots of sages, well-known scientific, cultural figures, and your family is bound to have people that you will be proud of! Educating your descendants proud of their origins, you will help them become strong and strong-willed individuals who feel for a family support, respecting the older generation!

We could say that the drawing of lineage is an investment in the future. Years pass, and sometimes the memory – that is all that may remain. Cities change their appearance, Jewish cemeteries each year are aging and people pass away … That’s why it is important every day! At the moment, there is a possibility of complex study of family history, we can offer you. This drawing of the family tree, archive search, family tours and much more!

Do not hesitate to ask us, we are always available and happy to chat with you at any convenient language – English, Hebrew, Russian or Ukrainian.