I’m just starting to learn the history of the family. On the Internet a lot of information, which is certainly very useful. But … once you start to study it – it is no time to cover everything , and more than once I was interrupting searches for months, it seemed all very complicated, and sometimes even came the thought that genealogy – is a complex science , which can overpower only historians .

On the advice of friends, I turned to Nadia . We immediately began to communicate in the most familiar to me format – via Skype . She helped me organize all the data that I have told her about my family, gave good advice and now we have moved to archival searches. Since I live in Russia, to search for I had no chance .

My surprise and joy knew no bounds when Nadia sent photos of the wedding of my records and grandparents , the birth of my father … But all this was almost 100 years ago ! It is not the comparable emotions!  In the spring, I plan to come to Ukraine to visit with family at Uman, where my ancestors lived, and replenish our family photo archive with new pictures .

My family and I express Nadia and her husband enormous gratitude !