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Dear Nadia, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESEARCH INTO MY GRITSEVSKY FAMILY IN KAMENKA/CHIGIRIN!  All of these names are familiar to me and now I can construct a family tree back to the 1700s. I am so grateful for your work.  Kamenka/Kamienka appears now to be the origin of the family, if not in Gritsev. I will be eternally grateful to you. All the best, David Nelson [learn_more caption=”Are your looking for your own family members?” state=”open”] Note: if you want to find your own family members which are originally from former Russian Empire (Ukraine, Russia and Belarussia), please, feel free to contact us and provide all the information you have regarding your request to faster our Genealogical search process.[/learn_more]   [facebook][/facebook] [digg][/digg] [retweet][/retweet]

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