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Real professionals differ from others not only the practice, but the love to their business.

For many years we are working in Jewsih Genealogy Research and constantly develop our skills by different kinds of researches, learning and traveling around the world. First of all we want to close each Jewish person to the history of its nation in general and to the history of its Family in particular

Unlike other researches we are closely connected to the Jewish Community and this plays the key role during the most part of the researches. For example, during the gravestones search, detailed translation, checking of the Family legends, etc.

We thank you for the visiting of our web-site Jewua.info and we glad to your questions, testimonials and any proposals which you can leave right here.

Nadia (Sarah-Beila) Lipes


Historican and the specialist in Jewish history. CEO of the company

Alex (Elisha) Lipes

Executive director

Executive director. Likes to research history together with his wife)))

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