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Jewua.info Team  is not only historians and specialists in genealogy, but especially people who love their work and fully surrender themselves to it . We are, actually, as a treasure seekers . After all, historical discoveries are no less important than wealth. For many years, we are working hard on finding new information about Jewish history. We organize Heritage Tours, communicate with those Jews who remember the past ( sometimes even before the war ) generations, helping in the improvement of Jewish cemeteries – thus encouraging different generations of Jews not only to learn about their ancestry, but the traditions of their ancestors. You can not properly educate the next generation, if you do not know the past… Passing to our descendants the memory and respect for ancestors, we bring them in pride and identity, which is based on an inner sense of confidence and self-sufficiency. Jewua.info creates its own unique database contains the necessary research tools and other resources for full genealogical research in Jewish studies both in Ukraine and abroad.

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Our goal is to provide to every Jew wishes to learn about its history, the opportunity to explore every aspect of the life of its ancestors : the important facts of their biographies, their occupation of the land on which they lived, and of course, a family tradition.


  • Help you to find your relatives

  • Build a Family Tree of your family together with you

  • Find new and interesting facts about your ancestors

  • Create your ancestry lineage

  • Advise you on any phase of the research

  • Edit your existing family history



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Specialisation and services

Our main job is making of detailed genealogical research of the Jewish population of the former  Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. The list of services includes information search in the archives, cemeteries research, settlements your ancestors lived and organizing of the family tours to memorable places for any specific family or all the Jewish people in general.


More than 5 years of Jewish Genealogy Research experience
More than 300 000 database records
More than 1500 documents discovered
More than 100 successful projects
More than 50 Heritage tours
Heritage tours

Unforgettable tour around the cities and villages where your ancestors used to live

Search for Jewish burials

Jewish gravestones or matsevot are a valuable source of information about the ancestors and the opportunity to preserve the memory of them.

Family Tree Building

Family tree is a visual aid needed in the study of your ancestors and in the search of living relatives.

The collection of information in the settlements

Direct communication with the residents in the village where your ancestors lived , is a unique and reliable source of knowledge obtained from witnesses.

Co-operation with the Jewish communities

Search the remaining relatives, checking family stories.

Work in the archives

Search in parish registers (metrical books), Population censuses, Census Tales 1795-1900 and so on.

Testimonials & Payment Options

Most eloquent proof of our professionalism are the opinions of our customers. We are grateful to any objective review. Critical feedback helps us to work on our mistakes, because every day we strive to get better. Positive evaluation – our pride, and of course the motivation for further development and improvement of service!
Western Union
  • Dear Nadia, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESEARCH INTO MY GRITSEVSKY FAMILY IN KAMENKA/CHIGIRIN!  All of these names are familiar to me and now I can construct a family tree back to the 1700s. I am so grateful for your work.  Kamenka/Kamienka appears now to be the origin of the family, if not in Gritsev. I will be eternally grateful to you. All the best, David Nelson
    David Nelson, El Dorado Hills, CA – Service Testimonials – www.jewua.info
    David Nelson
    Happy client
  • Dear Nadia Lipes, Thank you very much for your expertise and prompt service. Your search at the Kiev Archives provided me with a lot of information about my family. I’m so excited to be able to go back three more generations! I’m also hoping to connect different families based on the 1897 Census records you provided me.   I’m looking forward to keep using your service for my continued research. Best regards, Sylvia Walowitz
    Sylvia Walowits – Jewish Genealogical research services feedback – www.jewua.info
    Sylvia Walowitz, Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Happy client
  • Thank you very much for helping to find the graves of my great-grandparents! For our family it was very important, because we believed that a Jewish cemetery in the Pyatka village completely destroyed. But miraculously survived the stones, and now we can not only venerate the memory of our ancestors, but also know their date of birth and death.
    Ayzenshtein Family
    Happy client