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We proudly present to you a project that our team has worked for many years. On our site you can find any information about the history of Jews in the former Russian Empire – in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova …

If you are interested in finding your roots, building and creating a family tree – we will help you in this exciting, but at the same time, difficult matter.

We will be happy to provide you our services in the study of Jewish genealogy, from information in the archives to organizing heritage tours, during which you will visit the places where many years ago your ancestors lived, so that you can truly touch the history of your family.

Here you can ask questions at your preferred language – English, Hebrew or Russian .

Our specialisation

  •  Research of the archival documents in order to construct the genealogical tree and resume lost communication with your relatives
  • Research at the local cities where your relatives lived
  • Organization of heritage tours in locations where your family used to live


  • Dear Nadia, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESEARCH INTO MY GRITSEVSKY FAMILY IN KAMENKA/CHIGIRIN!  All of these names are familiar to me and now I can construct a family tree back to the 1700s. I am so grateful for your work.  Kamenka/Kamienka appears now to be the origin of the family, if not in Gritsev. I will be eternally grateful to you. All the best, David Nelson
    David Nelson, El Dorado Hills, CA – Service Testimonials – www.jewua.info
    David Nelson
    Happy client
  • Dear Nadia Lipes, Thank you very much for your expertise and prompt service. Your search at the Kiev Archives provided me with a lot of information about my family. I’m so excited to be able to go back three more generations! I’m also hoping to connect different families based on the 1897 Census records you provided me.   I’m looking forward to keep using your service for my continued research. Best regards, Sylvia Walowitz
    Sylvia Walowits – Jewish Genealogical research services feedback – www.jewua.info
    Sylvia Walowitz, Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Happy client
  • Thank you very much for helping to find the graves of my great-grandparents! For our family it was very important, because we believed that a Jewish cemetery in the Pyatka village completely destroyed. But miraculously survived the stones, and now we can not only venerate the memory of our ancestors, but also know their date of birth and death.
    Ayzenshtein Family
    Happy client

In the near future your Family History can be extended with new and sometimes surprising facts!

Everything you need – just contact us and we will gladly assist you in the researching of your ancestors history. Feel free to order it

The most extensive Jewish Genealogy database

In addition to information from the various Parish Registers (Metrical books), we’re finding the records in the Census Tales 1795-1900 years,  the Jewish population census in 1875, National Census of the Russian Empire 1897, and many other sources.


Select a convenient language of communication!

Among the Jews is not uncommon that the family is scattered in different parts of the world. Besides the fact that we will communicate with you in a familiar language for you, we can also do the translation of documents and data found in English, Hebrew, Russian or Ukrainian.


24 hours information help

We are located in Ukraine, but do not be confused by the difference in time zones – we are ready to respond promptly to your questions at any time! Feel free to contact us for the first FREE consultation regarding the proceeding of your Jewish Genealogy Research!


Heritage Trips organizing

We will help you not only to find places where your ancestors lived many years ago, but also organize a guided tour, during which you will visit towns and cities (maybe even the original houses!) And get acquainted with Jewish traditions in the region!


Detailed Translation services

All the materials that we provide to you, have the exact translation into any language you have chosen (English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian) to get acquainted with it could also your family, no matter what country they live. Due to our detailed translation, you will be able to get more deep information about your ancerstors and the time they lived.


Materials from any part of the Russian Empire

The Russian Empire was the third largest state ever existed! Nevertheless, Jewua.info helps you find information about Jewish families from any settlement, which was the part of the former Russian Empire (including Ukraine, Poland, Belorussia, Moldova and Russian Federation).


Our services & skills

At the initial stage of construction of the family tree it is quite simple and exciting experience, especially if it is filled with only 2-3 generations .

But in order to fill it on, you can not do it without a specific set of data. As a rule, even the most senior members of the Family do not remember the all the exact dates, Family and personal names related to you and different facts of life which can reveal the history and help you to build the Family Tree.

And then you have to apply to the archives , knowledge bases and other sources of genealogical and history information that are so complex (and sometimes hard to find out) that could simply be stunning even not for the novice.

To save your time, money (and, often, nerves , because genealogy is in fact the science for very patient persons) ask the professionals with more than 5 years of Jewish Genealogy Research experience!

We will be happy to answer any questions that you can ask here.

Feel free to ORDER your Jewish Genealogy Research right now and get these awesome possibilities:
  1. First FREE consultation to determine the proceeding of your research;

  2. Availability to quick search at our unique Jewish Families database;

  3. 15% discount for your Heritage Trip organization till the end of 2014;

  4. 30% discount for all of the Detailed Translation fees;

Each archive has its own rules and procedures. Unfortunately, access to the documents may take much longer than their own view. Not to mention the fact that in most cases, this process is accompanied by different kinds of bureaucracy.

Therefore, the professional help is much easier to find information.

We will help you find information for your Family Tree and confirm your Jewish origin archival information as soon as possible.

Our employees have the opportunity to work in any file on the territory of the former Russian Empire – in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and other countries.

Over the years, we collect data in the archives of various countries and create our database by which the speed of genealogical inquiries has grown significantly.

Here are a few list of Jewish Genealogical documentation we use as the sources at our database:

  1. Variable  Census Tales 1795-1900 years
  2. Census of the Jewish population in 1875
  3. Russian Empire population census 1897
  4. Other documents available in the archives.
  5. Details of the settlements in which Jews had lived, shtetls ( Jewish villages ), Jewish colonies etc.
  6. Detailed database of Jewish surnames common in the Russian Empire (by the regions) , with an explanation of their meaning and origin.
Jewua.info provides a unique service: going to town where your ancestors lived, to directly communicate with the locals.

The research on the exact place takes lots of time, but it can have the most unexpected results – as experience shows, many old people remember pretty well all the pre-war generation of Jews, their customs, family characteristics, and many other important facts. If a city or village has preserved Jewish cemetery, sometimes it is possible to find the place of burial of the ancestors. Sometimes you can even find the address where relatives lived years ago…

After all, it is a living memory, which, alas, is not eternal, and it will be impossible to find in any of the archives.

Another unique service from Jewua.info.

Excursions to the famous Jewish town are not so uncommon for Ukraine. But for every family should have an individual route!

We not only help you learn interesting information about the places where your relatives lived , but also arrange special family tour – so that you can experience the maximum life of their ancestors , literally touch their history and traditions.

In most cases, you can learn even the address where the family lived!

Heritage Tour is a great opportunity to unite the family, escape from everyday life and modernity, to really feel the connection between generations.

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